This page was compiled by

Marco António Teixeira Zullo,

Researcher at the Laboratory of Phytochemistry

of the Agronomic Institute (IAC),

at Campinas, SP, Brazil

Many thanks to the helpful advice

in writing and maintaining this page to

José Garcia Zullo


José Poleze Soares Novo

(Center of Plant Sanity, IAC)

(deceased May 4, 2006)

Newton do Prado Granja

(Center of Horticulture, IAC)

Odair Alves Bovi

(Center of Horticulture, IAC; retired)

Paulo Mazzafera

(Department of Plant Physiology, UNICAMP)

Jenneth M. Sasse

(Forestry Department, The University of Melbourne; retired)

Martín Andrés Iglesias Arteaga

(Faculty of Chemistry, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México)

(formerly Laboratory of Natural Products, University of Havana)


(Updated on November 26, 2012)